Friday, October 11, 2019

Certified Nutritional Consultant!

            I am extremely excited and honored to announce that I have received my certification as a Nutritional Consultant from the American Association of Nutritional Consultants! This has been in the works for over a year now and I am pleased to have completed this course of self-study. Whereas this certification is not a license nor a degree in nutrition, like a registered dietitian (RD), it is a certification of completion and proficiency shown by testing of the foundations of the art and science of nutrition. The self-study course comprises 11 textbooks and areas of study including: anatomy and physiology; nutrition and common ailments; nutrition in action (applied kinesiology); orthomolecular nutrition; children's health and herbal remedies; medical chemistry; diet and nutrition; enzyme health; living chemistry; applied nutrition; and healing with amino acids. 
            The art and science of nutrition fits in well with the profession of Optometry as we regularly recommend ocular vitamins and nutraceuticals for the wellness of the eyes and visual system. The addition of this knowledge base will greatly enhance solid recommendations to patients and the ability to reach more people through my website, writing, blog, and articles on the topics of health and wellness. 
            My goal is to reach as many people as God will bring to help them become whole and well - bodysoul, and spirit - and to live victorious lives as God intends. 
It's Your Life - by God's Design